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for people who buiild, own, or use wood-fired ovens

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Radio Interview
I was interviewed on the radio on 4/13, available here.


Welcome to the Minnesota Oveneers

Minnesota Oveneers is intended to be an organization for the diverse community of oven builders, owners, and users to communicate what they have learned to each other, and to prospective oven builders, owners, and users.

I hope that by sharing what we have learned that we can encourage the better and safer use of wood-fired ovens here in Minnesota.


Membership is free! Membership is open to anyone who is interested in wood-fired ovens.

Membership information will not be sold or given away.


If you are interesting in joining the Minnesota Oveneers, contact me directly, either through e-mail or at my home phone, 651-699-7676.

You can also subscribe to the free Minnesota Oveneers Newsletter using the form on the Newsletter page

Other Resources

I have also created a Facebook page for the organization.

There is also a huge amount of information (3400 links) on the Saint Paul Bread Club’s Quest for Ovens pages that I do not intend to duplicate here.


I have gotten some media attention for my interest in wood-fired ovens, especially community ovens.

I was interviewed by the Deep Roots Radio show about community ovens; a link to the podcast is here.

A later podcast covered wood-fired ovens in general and somewhat my classes on building portable brick ovens; that link is here.

As far back as 2009, I got some attention from KARE-11 for my oven building, on this short video.